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Sultan VIP aims to make your experience joyous and successful, while you are with us playing your favorite games. That is precisely why we have created Guide with rules of games represented on our casino. We are willing to provide you with complete understanding how to play Slot games and to make your tries while playing more considered and rational. 

Thus, we kindly recommend you to study Games rules before you plunge into the fantastic atmosphere of SLOTS. 



The slot machine constitutes a few reels (from 3 to 12, or even more). A numerous variety of symbols and signs are displayed on the reels. Every such symbol has a specific value defined by each slot game differently. Please be informed all the symbols have diverse functionality as well. 

Another important thing to understand is that specific technology decides what symbols appear on each row and column of the slot machine. This Algorithm calls Random Number Generator and makes slot combinations unpredictable and random.


The aim of all slot games is pretty simple: you should get a specific sequence of symbols on one or more of the paylines of slot machine you betting on. As it is already mentioned above, all the symbols and their sequences are not equal and will give you different results (your payouts can differ from a few cents to millions – certainly worth to try your luck here!).


All the awesomeness is that slot games are pretty simple and available for understanding for each person (they are much less complex than other casino games, card games (blackjack or poker, for example). Although each game has its unique details (game structure, paylines number, number of bets as minimum, system of bonuses & bonus games) the main rule stays the same for all their kinds. 

The basic rule is the following: once the amount to be played is set, all you have left is to push the “Spin” button and let slot reels start spin which, a few seconds later, will get you a new sequence of symbols on the game screen.

Below we will list the main points that have to be discussed before you start playing. Please note, without clear understanding of both basic and unique rules of each slot game, risk of non-rational games arises. 


Now let us discuss how important is to select the appropriate betting amount. Centro casino recommends beginner players to start with minimum amounts/bets. This way you will have a bigger number of tries to spare, that will definitely help you to develop your own successful game strategy. 

But no worries: you always have an opportunity to change the betting amount (to set any, as per your choice). Please note: there are different minimum and maximum values set depending on your game of choice. 


There are 25 standard paylines used in most 5-reel slot games. As you see, slot paylines can be lines of different directions: straight, zigzagged, diagonal, vertical or horizontal. To be easily distinguished each payline is marked with a definite color. As a rule, you can have several paylines selected. Please note it will require to place an additional bet for each payline. 

Start with selecting one or more paylines so that you know where to find generated combinations of symbols. 


Slot games represent unique system of bonuses: specific bonus symbols. Try to get one and you will receive your reward. Generally, bonus symbols can be divided into a few groups: 

Wild signs

The Wild symbol appears through all levels of a game including any bonus rounds. It usually can replace any other symbol. It is especially useful when you get a payline with 3 symbols in a row and the following one is a wild symbol. It will reward you with extra payout level. 

Scatter Symbols

Scatter signs are dream of every slot games player. In Slot games they trigger bonus rounds and other prizes.

Expanding signs

Expanding wilds are just as they sound. These symbols are usually contained within one line on one reel. You are lucky enough if you get expanding wild sign. 

It will allow you to win on extra payline, it depends on how you proceed with crossing of different rows. 


These are bonus functions which multiple the base wager by amounts that can be as low as 2x the bet value and can exceed over 100x the amount first placed on the initial spin. Multipliers will literally multiply your rewards by that number. You can find these symbols in bonus and jackpot rounds.

Bonus Games in Slot Games

Another big benefit of Slot Games: you will able to play bonus games!  As a rule, bonus games have its own system of winning combinations (depending of each game) and reward players with much higher returns in case of win.

We are sure it will be good news for you that most slot games have bonus games (as an integral part of standard game). The main difference is that bonus does not loose your chance to try bonus games!


Each specific slot game is created with its own unique sequences of symbols that are valued differently. Please discover the payout structure of each online slot game before making a simple spin. This will be the main step in your strategy allowing to improve your winnings percentage. 

After checking this guide with game rules, now you are absolutely ready to start your journey to the winnings. And may fortune smile on most of you!